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The CTC project is a two-year project that aims at preventing and disrupting terrorism financing through a public-private cooperation enhancement, capacity building and preparedness of the end-users regarding Countering Terrorism Financing. CTC will provide technical solutions based on Artificial Intelligence tools for data acquisition and analysis of financial transactions (e.g., cryptocurrency transactions)

Participating in joint activities organized by the project, you will contribute to the applicability and usability of the project’s outputs! You will be part of a great community with members from LEAs, FIUs, Academia and experts in AI and cryptocurrencies , Financial Authorities and Payment Services, Cryptocurrency Organisations, Anti Money Laundering Services, Policy Makers etc.

Moreover the opportunity will be given to you to connect, interact and share views and considerations with the members of the community through the LinkedIn group.

If you are dealing with fighting financial crime, anti-money laundering, counter terrorism financing, cryptocurrencies and new financial technologies  then the CTC community will boost your capabilities and competencies while expanding your professional network. Police officers, Compliance officers, Cyber crime experts, Financial analysts, Financial/Fraud investigators, Auditors, Academics, Researchers, Developers, Lawyers, Public Prosecutors, Public Servants and everyone who is interested in the field are invited to join and benefit from this community. 

You will be actively involved upon your availability in the project’s training activities, identification of user requirements, evaluation processes. You will also receive regularly project news, updates and invitations to events organised by the project. At the same time, you will have the chance to interact and exchange knowledge with other stakeholders, experts and already established networks involved in Countering Terrorism Financing and AI developments. 

The stakeholder community will run throughout the project’s life cycle and it is envisaged to sustain even after the project’s completion!

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