Looking closer to the ctc project web app

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Looking closer to the CTC project web app

Looking closer to the CTC project web app

By KEMEA (Center for Security Studies),

February 2023

With the nature of terror incidents undergoing a technology-aided transformation (e.g. use of cryptocurrencies to enhance anonymity), the monitoring and analysis of financial transactions play a pivotal role in the effort to timely prevent actions and funding of global terrorism. Financial crime exploits every aspect of digital transformation and utilises non-traditional products for financing and supporting terrorist organizations, such as social media, cryptocurrencies, and other Financial Technologies.

According to the Europol TE-STAT and EFECC report of  2020, recent investigations and intelligence showed  that terrorists rely heavily on technologies and virtual environments to support their activities, both logistically and financially. EU has responded to this recent threat trend in multiple ways introducing in May 2020 the EU Action plan to prevent Money Laundering ML/Terrorism Financing TF ,and later on released the new EU Security Union Strategy for 2020-2025. According to these documents, it deems necessary , among others, to ensure a proper exchange of information between  EU judicial and police authorities, enhance data- sharing between Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) and the private sector, and prioritize the development of tools and techniques that will enhance digital investigations focusing on terrorism financing.

CTC project comes to respond to this urgency  and to facilate the work of LEAs, bringing more effective methods and better results on digital investigations of terrorism financing. Different tools and components will be developed, all of which will be integrated and hosted under a single web application friendly to use by authenticated users only.

Have a closer look at the web application

that the CTC project is committed to deliver!

The aim is to develop a web application that integrates all different components and tools developed by project parnters such as: Cryptocurrency Value Transfer Analysis, Content Acquisition Tool , Multilingual Textual Content Analysis module, Social Network Analysis Module, AI-Based Pattern Recognition Tool , Cross-Modal Correlation Mechanism, Data Sharing Services and Chain of Custody. The application features a user-friendly dashboard which allows for an instant navigation between different platforms, avoiding switching  applications and ensuring quick and easy access to information.

Another important feature of the web app, is the user authentication. This restricts the access to the application and its data  to only authorized users. User authentication is critical for ensuring the security of the application and the information it contains and is an essential part of any web app that deals with sensitive information.

The web app developed by the CTC project is a significant step towards countering terrorism financing through new monetizing ways in the European Union. By integrating all CTC Partners’ Platforms, the application is able to correlate data and take a test case providing results that incorporate all the available information. Hence, law enforcement agencies and other relevant stakeholders can work more efficiently and effectively to prevent and respond to acts of terrorism financing.

Currently the web application is under development. More results and updates will be shared in the upcoming months, while further information will be communicated through the project’s social media, website and of course in the events where the project is presented.

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