Athens, 17th of February 2023

Press Release

CTC & Anti-FinTer Joint Seminar on ‘’Modern technologies to combat terrorism financing.’’

On February 7th and 8th, the CTC and Anti-FinTer projects, organized a two-day joint seminar on modern technologies to combat terrorism financing. The two projects are both funded from the Internal Security Fund, developing different technological solutions to prevent and disrupt online terrorism financing. In this regard the two-day event was structured under this thematic area welcoming as well opportunities for networking among individual experts, sister projects and other EU funded initiatives. The reception of the event was overwhelming, attracting more than 70 people from all around Europe.

Representatives from DG HOME, Ministries of Finance, FIUs, LEAs, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain SMEs, Research and Academia participated in this joint event adding value to the conclusions of the discussions.

During the first day of the event, multiple EU projects presented their scope and the work implemented so far, allowing further discussions, collaborations and comparative analysis on findings.

The Security projects and networks presentation slot consisted of CTC, Anti-FinTer, Ceasefire, ENLETS, STARLIGHT, CRAAFT, INFINITECH, I-LEAD, Tools4LEAs and CREST, and their representatives joined the event, providing their expertise through presentations and dedicated Q&As sections.

Next, the Anti-FinTer project’s demonstrations  included Anti-FinTer platform, Visual analytics, Dark Web Monitor, GraphSense & Ordainsare. The day wrapped up with the main conclusions, driving some further discussions. A networking session between participants followed, closing the first day in a very pleasant way.

During the second day of the event, the CTC project presented the project’s developments so far via video and live demonstrations on different components of the CTC solution, including the Cryptocurrency Value Transfer Analysis, Content Acquisition Tool , Multilingual Textual Content Analysis module, Social Network Analysis Module, AI-Based Pattern Recognition Tool , Cross-Modal Correlation Mechanism, Data Sharing Services and Chain of Custody and finally the CTC Graphical User Interface.

Two panels followed afterwards with two different thematic directions. The first panel focused on ‘’Abuse of crypto-assets for illicit terrorist profits” chaired by Dr. Ross King (AIT) and Ass. Prof. Georgios Th. Papadopoulos (HUA/FORTH),  with Dr. Mark van Staalduinen (CFLW), Prof. Dr. Can Ozturan (Bogazici University), Dr. Konstantinos Votis (CERTH), Dr. Dimitrios Kafteranis (Coventry University) who engaged in conducive discussions and  further interaction with the audience. The second panel discussion was on ‘’Tackling terrorism financing: Operational and LEA perspectives’’ chaired by Mr. Efstathios Skarlatos (KEMEA) and Dr. Asterios Leonidis (FORTH), with Mr. Vasileios Roussakis (Hellenic Police), Mr. Nikolaos Poimenidis (Hellenic Ministry of Justice), Mr. Georgios Pistolas (Hellenic Police) and Mr. Gonzalo Saiz (RUSI Europe) to share their knowledge and experience on the subject.

The event closed with a brief plaque-giving ceremony by the Director of the Center for Security Studies Ms. Konstantia Koroni, to all panel participants for their contribution and knowledge sharing. The event received great feedback and all participants had the chance to identify new EU projects’ developments, tools and solutions,  establish new contacts and explore with them new ways for future research cooperation.

Please find below relevant material from the event.

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